Pure magic.

The gray reality of the everyday life of a child in a post-communist country stood in stark contrast with images we have seen on TV. The world we have observed in a glimpse was so different that it was impossible to comprehend. That wonderful land was predominantly of USA origins. Everything was amazing. Even then I could sense that Hollywood touch makes things better than real life – but it did not matter, I was enchanted. For me, one thing did stand out far more than anything. Drive-throughs. Yes, it is silly but It was pure magic. I think that this was the concept of the whole thing that made it stood out. It was so foreign, new and unique and so different from my own experience. To this day I love them. I love sipping freshly made coffee and I love even better when my wife feeds me with hot fries.

We try to eat healthily. We basically never go to fast-food restaurants with our kids – except when on the road. I can see that this made my kids associate drive-throughs with travel and adventure ahead. I often wonder if this is good or bad…


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